We are one of the most advanced cyber security centers in Spain.

We offer our services for more than 9 years, through a Tiger Team of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the sector.

We work for multinationals around the world, IBEX35 companies, Wall Street, SMEs and official bodies.

We operate from our own SOCs, geographically separated, working simultaneously to deliver a high availability service.

In our facilities we have Cybersecurity Research Laboratories where R + D + I is also generated.

We also collaborate with the CCN-CNI and with the State Security Forces and Bodies.


One of the main differentiating qualities of our services, is the REAL personalized treatment and the closeness that we offer to our clients, we do not apply copy/paste solutions.

In recent years the world is becoming depersonalized, automating and industrializing services, losing quality to increase profits, NOT our case, our service is REAL as our name suggests.

Attackers are well aware of security regulations and automated services and know how to bypass them, the only way to protect yourself effectively is to be proactive with a personalized REAL service for each client.


We have experience in the following sectors:

  • Public company, tourism, sanitary, banking and fintech, energy, communications, critical infrastructures, aeronautical, port, feeding, industry, technology, media, construction and biopharmaceutical.

Our main objectives are the following:

  • We protect our customers against attacks and security incidents.
  • We secure systems to avoid incidents.
  • We monitor to give an immediate response.
  • We neutralize attacks and restore systems.
  • We investigate incidents to prevent them from happening again and purge responsibilities.

Intec, founding member