20 years living by hacking online games


A hacker has been dedicated 20 years of finding and exploiting flaws in popular multiplayer games (MMO) and has made it his full-time job..

Manfred's character remains motionless in the virtual world of the online multiplayer game WildStar Online. Manfred, The real-life person behind the character, You are typing commands in a terminal. In a few seconds, with a simple trick, Get more than, or 18 Quintillions, of the virtual currency of the game.

I'm watching this hack in a demo video recorded by Manfred when I'm next to him in a Las Vegas bar.. Manfred, who asked me not to reveal his real name, says he has been hacking several video games for 20 years, dedicating himself full time to using hacks like the one I just witnessed. Their modus operandi has changed slightly from game to game., but, in essence, consisted of cheating games into getting items or money that you have no right to have.. Below, would sell those items and currency to other players (for real money) or sell them on the black market.

At current exchange rate, Manfred estimates that he has 397 billions of dollars in gold inside WildStar. This is obviously an extravagant number., but, essentially, Their income is only limited to what players want to spend in real life.

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