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Apparently Acciona is an example of what should not happen in a company at the level of computer security, We suspect that your investment in this segment is very low or non-existent.. In fact, a group of hackers has entered the kitchen, Absolute security does not exist, And it is even more complex in this type of macro-companies, much more if it is despised, due to ignorance or incompetence of its leaders towards this sector.

It is not understood that a company that is a leader in the strategic sector in the supply chain and transport can allow a hacker to penetrate its networks through the Internet and threaten with an internal leak to this multinational..

This group of hackers was able to access GPS systems, communication, control, Vehicle and driver inspection, Vehicle registration, Names, Phones, NIF, billing, Issuance of invoices, SMS and messaging to drivers, Route optimizer and planner, etc., from the control panel.

If you want to see some of the screens that hackers were able to access, Here we leave the link to access all the content of the news:

Link to the news

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